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Creative Control is a different kind of pro wrestling podcast, that focuses on booking, character development, angles, and all of the backstage and pre show work that goes into professional wrestling. Each show will feature a different guest, who will discuss their experiences in the business, their beliefs in how wrestling should be presented, and a whole hell of a lot more! Past guests have included Jeff Jarrett, Cliff Compton, Ed Ferrara, Homicide, Joel Gertner, JJ Dillon, Les Thatcher, The Blue Meanie and more!

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Episode 106 with Liam O'Rourke

Updated about 8 days ago.

On episode 106 of Creative Control, the author of "Crazy Like A Fox," the very successful Brian Pillman biography, Liam O'Rourke returns!

Please check "Crazy Like A Fox" out on Amazon for both paperback and Kindle versions.

We pick up where we left off, and we cover Brian's career in 1996.

Topics include:
- the incident between Brian and Bobby Heenan at a WCW Clash Of The Champions in January 1996
- WCW SuperBrawl 1996, and the infamous "BookerMan" Strap match between Brian and Kevin Sullivan
- convincing Eric Bischoff to give him a real release from WCW
- Pillman's ECW appearances, including the shocking first one at Cyberslam '96
- the truth of Paul Heyman's relationships with both the WWF and WCW at this time
- the heat between Brian and New Jack that almost turned into a fight
- the idea for the "Apocalypse" or the "Gen X Horsemen," who the members would be, and more
- WCW Uncensored 1996, Hulk Hogan's power play and how Pillman got out of it
- the Humvee wreck that changed his life
- deciding to sign with the WWF, and why Vince McMahon was initially wary of Pillman
- the WWF and their new age of guaranteed contracts
- Pillman and Austin's dislike of Marc Mero
- the "Pillmanizing" of Brian's ankle by Stone Cold, and the gruesome details of the surgery that followed
- "Pillman's got a gun!"

Liam and I will conclude this Brian Pillman trilogy later this week, as we will cover his in ring return in 1997, the Hart Foundation, working with Goldust, his untimely and tragic demise, and more.

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