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Creative Control is a different kind of pro wrestling podcast, that focuses on booking, character development, angles, and all of the backstage and pre show work that goes into professional wrestling. Each show will feature a different guest, who will discuss their experiences in the business, their beliefs in how wrestling should be presented, and a whole hell of a lot more! Past guests have included Jeff Jarrett, Cliff Compton, Ed Ferrara, Homicide, Joel Gertner, JJ Dillon, Les Thatcher, The Blue Meanie and more!

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Episode 115: Eric Bischoff

Updated about 4 days ago.

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On this week's Creative Control, we have a truly legendary figure in the history of pro wrestling, former WCW President, RAW General Manager, and Impact Wrestling Executive Producer, ERIC BISCHOFF!

Eric and I delve deep into some of the post WCW days of his career, and hit some WCW questions as well!

Topics discussed include:
-did WWE contact him to be involved in either The Invasion or the return of the NWO?
- did he have any contact or involvement in some of the post WCW/ECW start up promotions, including MECW, XWF, or, WWA?
- did he have any conversations with Jeff or Jerry Jarrett in the beginning stages of TNA, and what are his thoughts on Jerry overall?
- who were his right hand men in WCW, and what were his thoughts on JJ Dillon, Dusty Rhodes, Greg Gagne, and Kevin Sullivan?
- who were his favorite WCW talents to work with on camera?
- during the Monday Night Wars, what was his favorite "shot" that he took at WWE?
- working with Paul Heyman in WWE and a little known project they started together
- working with Chris Jericho in WWE
- working with John Cena in WWE
- working with The Big Show, Ric Flair, and Steve Austin through the years
- his memories of being in the Hammerstein Ballroom for ECW One Night Stand 2005
- writing his autobiography, "Controversy Creates Cash"
- his present day relationship with WWE, including his DVD/Blu Ray, inducting DDP into the WWE Hall Of Fame, and his appearance on the RAW 25th Anniversary
- his favorites to watch in today's WWE
- his recent TED TALK
- other projects he is working on in the entertainment world
- favorite episodes of 83 Weeks

and more!

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