World Through My Eyes with David Radigan

On "World Through My Eyes," David Radigan offers the listener a different point of view on matters like growing up in a different country, the struggles of someone chasing a dream, addiction, and other curveballs of life. He will have weekly guests taking this journey with him and with the audience.

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Episode 36: Joseph Feeney IV

Updated 1 day ago.

Joseph Feeney the 4th is David’s guest for this episode. The son of Joe Feeney the 3rd time travels to 2019to be a great guest and talks about how Disco Inferno doesn’t show up to face JGEORGE WrestleMania week. Talks about the success that David Radigan will have in the future, also talks about how he was conceived, and so much more that you might as well listen to this show instead of David putting it all in the description!!

Twitter and Instagram: @dkradigan