World Through My Eyes with David Radigan

On "World Through My Eyes," David Radigan offers the listener a different point of view on matters like growing up in a different country, the struggles of someone chasing a dream, addiction, and other curveballs of life. He will have weekly guests taking this journey with him and with the audience.

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Episode 28: Jess Luis, J George, and Sebastian Cage!

Updated about 4 days ago.

This episode I give a Thank You to Stan Lee. I sit down with Jess Luis. One of the owners of a sports bar and grill that is on the rise here in South Florida called Legends Grill and Tavern. We talk about what he had to do to make his business successful and all the awesome things that he has going on. Also The Unpredictable Segment with JGEORGE and he interviews Sebastian Cage.