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Sunny Lohmann hosts a politics and comedy mash-up with an irreverent, if sunny, take on the world. Is she Right or Left, Right or Wrong? You be the judge.

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Tasmanian Terrorism and the 100 Trillion Dollar Lapdance

Updated a long time ago.

Sunny is joined by the one and only Jonathan Hoenig of Capitalist Pig Asset Management ( You can also see Jonathan on FoxNews Channel's Saturday Business Bloc's "Cashin' In." The gang discusses the media's inane desire that all terrorism be perpetrated by the TEA Party as opposed to Muslims waging Jihad. More importantly, the world-wide threat of Tasmanian terrorism is uncovered and laid out for all to see. Get ready for laughs, get ready for tears, it's the You Know I'm Right Show, and we're fully loaded!