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Ep 98 - Big Monster Madness Face-Off Thingy

Updated a long time ago.

If you've ever wondered "which antagonistic characters should return in the next series of Doctor Who, and is there a way we can determine that through a March Madness style sports bracket system, complete with music someone ripped from a 1999 Jock Jams CD," then this episode of the Coal Hill A/V Club podcast is for you! (with Andy, Stephen, Dustin, and eventually one of the other ones, too.)

This one gets a bit Vervoid-y, if you catch my drift, so let's go ahead and give it a strong PG-13/mind R rating. Probably NSFW, unless you work in a den of iniquity, like - say - an adult video store or a horticultural lab.

Twitter: @coalhillavclub

(Credit is due to Youtuber "OzzyMandez" for their mashup of the Doctor Who/Space Jam themes.