Mortgage Fraud Examiners

At Mortgage Fraud Examiners, we offer homeowners and their attorneys a complete analysis of the mortgage transaction, not some worthless forensic/securitization audit. We analyze documents for any inconsistencies that could invalidate your mortgage and give you and your attorney the upper hand when negotiating with the entity that holds your mortgage. With more than three decades of experience performing forensic document reviews, you can trust that we know how to uncover favorable evidence that can be used to keep you in your home.

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Interview With Storm Bradford of Mortgage Fraud Examiners

Updated 7 months ago.

Lori Frary interviews Storm Bradford of Mortgage Fraud Examiners. This is an overview of a typical foreclosure case and how having your mortgage and other documents analyzed by professionals can assist in your defense, help you understand what went wrong, and put you in an offensive position instead of only being in a defensive position.

Mortgage Fraud Examiners is America's Only Mortgage Transaction and Appraisal Examination Firm. The only way to know is by examining your documents!

Contact us at for more information and pricing to get started right away. We find Mortgage Fraud, Appraisal Fraud, Tortious (wrongful) Conduct, Contract Breaches and Legal errors.

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