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Ep. 12: If I Ran My Church

Updated a long time ago.

No two churches are ever run exactly the same. They all have their own quirks and procedures. Some are a matter of doctrine, some are just preferences that have grown with time. In this light-hearted episode, we take a look at what we would do differently if these decisions were up to us.


Special Guests: John Birkey, Hillary Peltz & Megan Oaks

Featured Music: "Soon Will Come a Day" by Constant Halo

Segment 1 - Game Time: We play "Christian Whisper Challenge", where we take turns wearing headphones with loud music playing and trying to guess the phrases being spoken. (The trophy is not on the line.)

Segment 2 - Back Talk: We share the best tweets from a classic Hashtag Party and then discuss things we'd like to see change in our churches (from a non-spiritual standpoint, mostly).

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