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Ep. 25: Bible Apps vs Actual Bibles

Updated a long time ago.

With the rise of the smartphone, the number of people who don't carry around physical Bibles has skyrocketed. Does reducing the Bible to an app on a phone mean we aren't giving it the reverence it deserves?


Cast: Matt Coker & Kevin Welborn

Special Guests: Cara Welborn & Cipirano Martinez

Segment 1 - Game Time: We play a game of "Joel Osteen or Fortune Cookie?" in our first Osteen or Fortune Cookie Triple Threat battle. (Back Rowphy is NOT on the line.)

Special Music: "Grace (Live Studio Cut)" by Brad & Rebekah, off the album "Acoustically Inclined"

Segment 2 - Back Talk: We discuss if we used Bible apps (and which ones), when we choose physical Bibles over Bible Apps, and if Bible apps lessen our reverence of the Bible itself.

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