Gita Wisdom Teachings by Joshua M. Greene (Yogesvara)

A bi-weekly Bhagavad Gita class in NY. Each session includes readings, analysis, audiovisuals, verse recitations and practical insights into India's essential wisdom text. Attendees will discover the message of the Gita, master basic vocabulary and concepts, and acquire skills for teaching and practicing yoga philosophy. Class notes available at For information on attending a class, visit

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Yoga in a Time of Unrest [BG 6.20-23]

Updated about 1 year ago.

-Does yoga have a place in the conversation amidst protests and violence?
-A change in policy doesn't mean a change in the heart.
-Relief from miseries is not the goal of yoga, but a starting point.
-What does it mean to live a yogic life?

A note: At the time of this recording, demonstrations have erupted across all 50 states to protest police brutality after the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police. This class was recorded the day after President Trump ordered federal officers to tear gas a large crowd of peaceful protesters in front of the White House.

Show notes:
Recorded June 2, 2020, via Zoom. To join the live conversation, visit