Mormon Truth Stories

This podcast is for all the Mormon Truth listeners to share their own personal story in their own way. This podcast will allow Mormon Truth listeners to record their own personal story, by themselves, with no interruptions. It will also also allow everyone to interview their friends, since they know them better than I do. So, feel free everyone to either be interviewed by me for my regular podcast or record your own story or that of a loved one and send it to me.

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Mormon Truth Stories #4-The Mormon Way

Updated a long time ago.

There is a phrase I heard once about the Mormon way of doing things. When I first heard it I found it very offensive, but now I think that it may be right. This is a discussion of "The Mormon Way." Mormons are asked when they go to the temple if they are honest in all their dealings. What type of example does the leadership of the church set to the membership, of being "honest in all your dealings?" What is the true "Mormon Way" of doing things?

This episode of Mormon Truth Stories was recorded by Demon of Kolob and Chad. Thanks again guys for your efforts and another great contribution to "the truth" about Mormonism.