Grace - Jesus Washed First

To accept grace is to accept the vow to give it.

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Grace- Jesus Washed first

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To accept grace is to accept the vow to give it.

A soldier serving in Afghanistan received a Dear John Letter. To add injury to insult she asked him to return her picture she was going to use it for the engagement picture in her local newspaper.

One of his friends collected all the pictures of soldiers girlfriends and put it in a shoe box and sent it back with this note…Please find your picture, return the rest. I can remember which one you are.

Retaliation at its best. Retaliation is like biting a dog because the dog bit you. Retaliation is a dish best served cold. Retaliation means to payback a like for a like. Jesus has a better idea for retaliation.

John 13:1-5 12-15 NLT Jesus demonstrates a different type of power in lieu of retaliation…Grace.

Jesus - The King. CEO. President. Owner. Head Coach performs a servant’s task chooses to wash feet. Jesus with all power and authority exchanged his robe for the servants wrap. Lowered his himself to knee level and began to rub away the grime, the dirt collected from walking. In washing the disciples feet they did not understand it at the time, saw a rare unfolding of the character of the Father. Grace given allows us to see a glimpse of heaven. Jesus lowering himself to knee level to rub away dirt from feet is a Kingdom trait. Grace in action.