Z Radio

Z Radio is about 2 things. Playing a variety of music from a vast assortment of artists from the DIY, Underground music community of the world; and providing an internet radio show FREE to all and any who wishes to hear something new and weird. We’ve been hard at work for years bringing as much unknown music and art to anyone who dared to try something new. We’ll keep it going, and more live performances and Z Radio sponsored events will be coming in the future. So Listen Up! We ain’t dead yet.

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Z Radio Show #0031

Updated about 10 days ago.

Car jams is the theme and what a ride we have in store for your ears. Sit back relax and listen up!

1. The Blacks and the Blues - Secrets
2. Crack Und Ultra Eczema - Cry for Me
3. Deathqunt - Ham Slam
4. CheezFace - Dingles Berried
5. Lesser Known Nuetrinos - New Language
6. Coward Electronics - High School Reunion
7. Bloody Death Skull - T-1000
8. Big Eats & Munch Crew - Worldwide (crime pays)
9. Le Singe Blance - Wilkmen Neudrei
10. Chips For The Poor - I am warm in my coat
11. A.H. Kraken - Ahmed
12. The Young Lasses & Cola - Dance in a Trance
13. Demon Horse - Get Off My Block (pigs)
14. Argumentix + Mattress - Entrance
15. Buck Gooter - Hey Joan
16. Human Conduct - Egg Bag
17. ddd - Knives
18. Bunny Rabbits - Stephanie's Hair
19, Cheerleader Camp - Stay Quiet
20. Barbara Keck - Slack Happy
21. Bo Lee Da - Simple World