Z Radio

Z Radio is about 2 things. Playing a variety of music from a vast assortment of artists from the DIY, Underground music community of the world; and providing an internet radio show FREE to all and any who wishes to hear something new and weird. We’ve been hard at work for years bringing as much unknown music and art to anyone who dared to try something new. We’ll keep it going, and more live performances and Z Radio sponsored events will be coming in the future. So Listen Up! We ain’t dead yet.

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Z Radio Show #0008

Updated about 3 days ago.

Hey Kids!!! We got more ladies jamming like the wildness.

1. Rat Traps - Complication
2. Herr Jazz - Hey Merlin, Thanks for the Free Coffee
3. Mutators - Midnight Diamond
4. Mayan Bounty - The Conquistadors Lament
5. Foot Village - Peru, Austria, and Canada
6. Katherine Plummer - A Building that Houses My Heart
7. Kill Me Trio - Kill Her
8. Arachnid Arcade - Lady Adderpit
9. Neg-Fi - (-) pod
10. PRE - Drool
11. HobbyKnife - Squidocalypse (excerpt)
12. Buckets of Bile - Outside Mind
13. Dog Shit Taco - The Vagina Song
14. Duchesses - The Virgin Monkey
15. Spawning Vats - Black Motions (excerpt)
16. Lesser Known Neutrinos - Warm December Day
17. Suicide Magnets - Live @ the Dream Oven
18. BCO- Women's Auxiliary - None Given (excerpt)
19. Peaking Lights - Live @ Deep Pizza Zone (excerpt)
20. Rusalka - GAG (excerpt)