Z Radio

Z Radio is about 2 things. Playing a variety of music from a vast assortment of artists from the DIY, Underground music community of the world; and providing an internet radio show FREE to all and any who wishes to hear something new and weird. We’ve been hard at work for years bringing as much unknown music and art to anyone who dared to try something new. We’ll keep it going, and more live performances and Z Radio sponsored events will be coming in the future. So Listen Up! We ain’t dead yet.

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Z Radio Show #0029

Updated about 25 days ago.

We have been away for a bit, but we still kickin!!! Halloween has come but has not gone for us kids we have an all Vinyl show with a scary tone. Listen up!!

1. Musk - The Floor
2. Gentle Veincut - White Monkey's
3. Headmolt - Hole Full of Skulls
4. Rodent Plague - Return to Zero
5. Contaminators - Human Mess
6. Salute the Curse - Downhill
7. Shearing Pinx - Snake Skins + Skull Skars
8. Pus Del Recto - Rectal Pus = Satan
9. Gay Beast - Cuz it's Cold in Hell
10. Decapitated Hed - Ingestion of Glow stick Fluid
11. Pharaoh Faucett - Let's Kill Something Delicious
12. Mattress - Dead Dreams
13. The Dead Horse Detective Agency - The Raft of Medusa
14. Blastocyst - Clandestine Beers of the Casserollers
15. Sick-E's - 6 Faces of Satan
16. Sharks with Wings - Trashcan Shitter
17. Parts and Pieces of Past Ticiples - Hole
18. Triangle and Rhino - Fifty Hogshead of Blood
19. Sick Llama - Side B Comp w/Newton
20. Dead/Bird - The Cinder Block Wall
21. Syzslak - Mental Stew