Z Radio

Z Radio is about 2 things. Playing a variety of music from a vast assortment of artists from the DIY, Underground music community of the world; and providing an internet radio show FREE to all and any who wishes to hear something new and weird. We’ve been hard at work for years bringing as much unknown music and art to anyone who dared to try something new. We’ll keep it going, and more live performances and Z Radio sponsored events will be coming in the future. So Listen Up! We ain’t dead yet.

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Z Radio Show #0032

Updated about 1 month ago.

The day of hearts and farts has come. We did our own version of the bullshit holiday. We prefer Frankenstein's Day. So get ready for songs to move your hearts and farts. Remember hearts and farts they fade....fade away.

1. Say Cheese and Die - Bride of Frankenstein
2. Mindless Attack - Love
3. Kissy Kiss Alots - Baby Give Me Your Love
4. Bryan Lewis Saunders - A Plate In My Heart
5. N.213 - He's Alive
6. Oneiric Imperium - The Devil Was In Your Heart
7. Young Romantix Make Love - Stuff If I Know
8. B-Monster - Quivero
9. Teeth with Pussy - Fire Pussy
10. Kount Fistula - Monster Sex Truck
11. Depraved Heart Crime - Thrombo Penia
12. Akasha Blade - Fire In Night
13. Newton - Ode To My Bloody Philadelphia Heart
14. Grrreat Beast - No Ship Under Frankensteiner Control
15. Chimney Chaingunz - Hang Gliding Heartz
16. The Truth About Frank - Asimienta
17. Loveletting - Something Different
18. Girls of the Gravitron - King Kong
19. Shout Magic - Benjamin Franklin Forever
20. Love Stories - White Poison
21. Brain Mountain - Heart Attack