Z Radio

Z Radio is about 2 things. Playing a variety of music from a vast assortment of artists from the DIY, Underground music community of the world; and providing an internet radio show FREE to all and any who wishes to hear something new and weird. We’ve been hard at work for years bringing as much unknown music and art to anyone who dared to try something new. We’ll keep it going, and more live performances and Z Radio sponsored events will be coming in the future. So Listen Up! We ain’t dead yet.

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Z Radio Show #0028

Updated about 1 month ago.

Looook out!! The Hurricane is here and we got the tunes to keep you entertained while you watch the wind tear apart trees. It is a wild and windy good time. Listen Up!!

1. Rainbow of Death - Nice Happy Day
2. The Sound of Failure - Trapped Inside Burning Wreckage
3. Swan Island - The Centre Will Hold
4. Rainbow Party - Hoom Boot
5. Black Moth Super Rainbow - Trees + Colors + Wizards
6. Flying Buttresses - Mother Always Worried
7. The Kill Me Trio - Post Explosion
8. B-Monster - All Babes Are Wolves
9. SadMan - Tide (excerpt)
10. Abiku - Dead Air
11. A Screaming Comes Across The Sky - Harbinger
12. Pure Rave - 01 Side A
13. Slither - Track 1
14. Sunken Landscapes - Legal Eyes
15. U Can Unlearn Guitar - Get Your Shit Ready
16. Erik Hinds - Do: Brainstorm
17. FOOT - Track 1
18. Sunshine Militant's Children's Hour - Soft Rubber
19. Rowlf The Dawg - Gravity on Mute
20. King Kong Ding Dong - Crisis Cycle
21. Sam Hamilton - Blue Tide Black Water