Doctor Who: The Coal Hill A/V Club

The creative team of Coal Hill Inc. come together to discuss news and happenings in the world of Doctor Who. Additionally, they are on a (slow) journey to watch every story and discuss it in detail on the show. For more information about Coal Hill and our mission to improve fandom via education and fun innovative content please check out

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Ep 94 - Gallifrey One Plus Twenty Nine Equals You

Updated a long time ago.

In this episode of the Coal Hill A/V Club, a Doctor Who podcast with about six listeners, we offer our preview of Gallifrey One, which is probably the biggest DW convention in the world, certainly the US. The gang will all be there, and we're up to some crazy stuff, so yeah. Also: tips for first time Gally attendees (tip #1: the cool kids call it "Gally"), a discussion of Dustin's odd proclivities, and Stephen can't tell the difference between two late nineties staples of alternative rock radio.

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