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If you're looking for older episodes of the Video Game Choo Choo podcast, here they are! We'll only have a chunk of the most recent episodes of the show on the main feed, so anything beyond that will be sent here, as an archive of our adventures. Relive classic moments and revel in gaffes-a-plenty! Don't judge us too harshly about things we said many years ago! Have fun!

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VGCC Episode 153: Corky's Cave

Updated a long time ago.

Run and hide, because it's time for a very special episode of Chooch! Most of us had to work, which means that Rose and Jonathan are joined by friend of the site Andi Clare (of Friends at the Table fame) and the reviled and despised Mike "Corky" Cosimano (live from the cave he lives in, apparently)! Corky gives Rose a crash course in the hottest apps, and things descend into utter chaos. Andi loves Crusader Kings, and Mike is... Mike. Swery has a new studio, Nintendo's been talking Fire Emblem, Ubisoft acquired FreeStyleGames, Corky lies about our Best Surprise 2015, and fighting games are back!

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