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Ep. 7: Married... with Issues

Updated a long time ago.

What's the biggest misconception about marriage? Certainly some big ones are "once we get married, we won't fight all the time" or "once we get married, I won't struggle with this issue anymore." We set a trap for ourselves when we become convinced that marriage with solve all of our problems.


Special Guests: Kevin Welborn, Cipriano Martinez, & Megan Oaks

Featured Music: "Woe is Me" by White Lantern

Segment 1 - Game Time: We play "True Lies", where we take turns telling and defending a story about ourselves and the others must guess if it's true or if it's a lie. (This time, The Back Rowphy is on the line!)

Segment 2 - Special Offering: My guests play "Questions Only", where they have to act out a scene, but are only allowed to ask questions.

Segment 3 - Back Chat: We discuss the marriage misconceptions listed above, explore the Whisper app, and give our best advice to newly-wed and engaged couples.