JK's Happy Hour is a comic’s podcast where we talk to comics professionals live at the Pub. The show has the 3 following mission statements: 1.) Provide listeners with an insight to what it’s like to work in any industry as an artist, writer, creator, etc. 2.) Introduce new readers to comics, art, sci-fi and just general fun, while also informing longtime fans 3.) Entertain the listeners, enjoy the company and get drunk! Comics, sci-fi, and drinking with friends are fun! First and foremost, this podcast should also be FUN!

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JK's Happy Hour: Steve Orlando

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In this episode we have special guest joining us at the pub comic creator Steve Orlando. We jump into the fan favorite DC book starring everyone's favorite trench coat wearing vigilante The MIDNIGHTER. Steve shares what goes into writing a well rounded comic character that is set in the fantastic world of superheroes. Plus a little info on his upcoming issue in BATMAN and ROBIN eternal #5. Then we dig into his creator owned Image comic VIRGIL which has a nice blending of the revenge exploitation films. VIRGIL is a heavy-hitting and heartbreaking tale of one man's battle against an oppressive and violent community. Steve expresses how he writes the lead character who is gay as a real character and not a stereotype.
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