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306 - Mark Valenti, Motivational Interviewing

Updated about 3 days ago.

Podcast #306 - Mark D. Valenti, Motivational Interviewing and Health System Improvement

My guest for Episode #306 is Mark D. Valenti, the manager of training, education, and workflow integration for the Enhanced Community Care Management (ECCM) at Highmark Health.

In this episode, Mark and I talk about the use of "Motivational Interviewing" methods and mindsets in the ECCM program and how "everyday closer to better" is part of their mantra.

We discuss the MI approach and how it's different than traditional healthcare or change management models that focus on telling people to change (or why they should change). There are many lessons that I think are helpful in any workplace or personal change context.

ECCM is a "physician-led, patient-centered approach [that] focuses on prevention, high-quality and compassionate care, patient engagement and satisfaction, and health outcomes." According to Highmark, "In the first year, the ECCM program has provided a large Pennsylvania health plan with total medical care cost savings of greater than 19% for engaged members; equivalent to one inpatient admission per year per member engaged. More than 1,500 members are enrolled across more than 60 provider sites."