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Awkward Church Stories

Updated about 1 year ago.

No matter where you attend church, there is always a level of seriousness that accompanies being there. This is CHURCH, after all. You have to take it seriously. Which makes these stories all the more painfully awkward and hilarious! (Episode 80)


Hosts: Matt Coker & Megan Oaks
Guests: John & Hillary Birkey

[1:08] Game Time: Would You Rather?

[11:50] Segment - Hashtag Party: We share your best #AwkwardChurch Tweets from one of our classic hashtags.

[21:32] Special Music: "Children of Light" by David R. Burleson, from his album "Children of Light". You can find more from David R. Burleson on iTunes, Amazon, & NoiseTrade.

[25:32] Back Talk: We share our own awkward church stories!

*In the most recent episodes of the podcast, we've noticed a recording mistake that has made our show sound a bit tinny and not as clear and crisp as normal. We've found and fixed the issue, but we had already recorded the next two podcasts. We do apologize for the sound quality and hope you are still enjoying our show.

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