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The David Spoon Experience Part 2 6-24-2022

Updated about 1 month ago.

This 60-minutes is all about: 1) One of the most extraordinary experiences in the Lord, and yes, I said the word experience, is when we draw closer to the Lord. We know Him in His presence, just like we know people when hanging around them. As we draw closer to the Lord, there is a wonderous engagement that takes place: 1) We know how full of love He is. 2) We know that he has forgiven us. And 3) We also become more aware of how much there was to forgive. The closer to the light, the more our darkness is revealed. 2) OK. Twenty minutes of cardio. That’s enough. But the fitness trainer says, keep going. Ten delicious bites of Australian Lobster Tail. That’s enough. But the stomach says, keep going. The football player makes the first down. That’s enough. But the coach says, keep going. Twenty dollars from the wallet to the church. That’s enough. But the Holy Spirit says, keep going. Jesus explicitly teaches us one mile? No two. Keep going.
3) We visit our great friend, Pastor Ray, who is not “gone” but hanging with JC and not forgotten because his kingdom efforts will endure for eternity. Pastor Ray writes about taking care of ourselves. God helps us. We shouldn’t hurt ourselves. We miss you, brother.