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Cryptocurrencies with Amateo Ra

Updated a long time ago.

Amateo Ra is a serial entrepreneur, blockchain enthusiast, Creator of the Crypto Virtual Summit, and the CEO of Avant Terra. Avant Terra is a coaching, consulting and marketing firm for evolutionary entrepreneurs, businesses and blockchain technologies leading the transition. Yes, he got his name from Burning Man.

Amateo has had thousands of people register for his online courses, ran several six-figure 3-day seminars, marketed successful fundraising campaigns and has been the secret weapon of influence and profitable growth for the most badass coaches and entrepreneurs in the World.

Amateo has spent hundreds of hours researching cryptocurrency, invested thousands of his own money, and has a huge community asking him for more information - so he decided to create the ultimate cryptocurrency resource. Find more about him at http://amateora.com/ and summit information at www.cryptowithlaura.com.

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