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Join Steven and Jason as they delve into the world of video games. And sometimes Magic: The Gathering.

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CAP 229 - The Destiny of the Final Rant

Updated a long time ago.

This week we start out the episode with a rant from Jason about Final Fantasy 15. Then we get completely derailed on multiple tangents for a while. Once we get the train back on the track we talk about some Magic: The Gathering Online, Lies of Asteroth, the Gwent closed beta, the Recore demo, Titanfall 2, and Destiny. We also get into the NPD numbers for the past few months and the biggest news stories since our last episode. We had some much more minor issues with the audio this show, but we hope to have those resolved on our post-Christmas episode. Happy holidays everyone.

Show Notes
Opening Song (A World Torn Asunder by: Trevor Morris)
-The 2016 Video Game Awards show winners: