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High Octane Propaganda for Enlightenment Home of Your Trance Code Du Jour TCDJ = Your Daily Dose of State !nduction Programming (S!P) Trance Codes are lyrical sequences of actively empowering language ~ Audio ~ Video ~ Memes ~ eBooks ~ Performance ~ Art ~ Podcasts ~ Most of the Trance Code fortified trance~missions consist of Multi Mediated Mixtures of AFFIRMISSIONS and COGNITIVE DIRECTIVES. The emphasis hear /see / feel is geared toward (yet not confined to) Command Form Language. Trance !nducing Formulas with the power to help You : * Access Higher Intelligence * Cultivate Spiritual Strength * Enhance Personal Ecology * Boost Community Livelihood * Experience Grand Ecstatic States * Emancipate from Mental Slavery * Realize Sustainable Abundance Designed to create, support, and reinforce resourceful states of empowerment, TRANCE CODES PROMOTE self-esteem, acceptance, love, compassion and gratitude ... as well as wellness, health, wealth, peace, prosperity, generosity, kindness, freedom, sovereign intelligence proliferation, technology harmoniously interacting nature, freedom of energy and information, genuine economic liberation, the wealth of all nations, environmental respect, and authentic human relatedness.

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