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TLP #017 'The Sound Systems'

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Until the early 90s, sound systems were the primary location to hear Jamaican pop music in Jamaica. Radio, television and the internet have changed all that. Today on the Listening Party, the voices of sound system owners and operators throughout its history will share their thoughts on the transformation of thesound system scene, from a focus on imported music to locally produced and internationally sought after Jamaican productions. From the era of stacks of speakers to the portable lap top deejay software, thevoices we will hear from include Father Pow from Stone Love disco, Ricky Trooper from Killamanjaro sound system, Gary Exodus and Father Romie of Exodus Nuclear as well as the late Cyril ‘Count C’ Braithwaite, Father Romie’s father and a foundation sound man from the 50s. Vocalist Uton Greene is also on the program. Keep it locked because at the end of the show we always give away the song of theweek courtesy of the 45