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Practical ways to pray and trust God for the victory in the midst of the fiery trials of life.

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An Honest Look at the Prayer Struggle

Updated about 1 year ago.

Many times, our faith is seriously challenged by what the Bible calls, “Unbelief.” If it weren’t so, Paul (writing under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit) wouldn’t have said – “Fight the good fight of faith.”

Faith is a fight. Especially when we’ve been faced with problems and difficulties that just don’t seem to go away.

We’ve all been there. You live in a state of unrest relative to certain problems you’re facing. Not every challenge keeps people up at night. But even minor problems that have been around for a prolonged time – even those problems have a way of robbing us of the kind of true peace and rest the Bible promises.

If you’re interested in taking a deeper look into this subject, I think you’ll get a lot from today’s podcast episode!