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6 Ideas to Get Even More Clients and Increase Revenue

Updated about 1 month ago.

Most entrepreneurs experience a critical stage in their business where they need to consistently build their client base, yet they don’t have the time or resources to devote to serving more clients. So, how do you get more clients without working harder?

Let’s talk about 6 tips to help you do this.

Idea #1: Create Information Resources
Regardless of your industry, your business has a powerful point of leverage that can be used to find and keep more clients: information. Create free and low-cost channels through which you can introduce yourself and your business - without significant time or effort investment on the backend. This is the “Create-It-And-Leave-It” method that creates not only more avenues for prospects to learn about you, but also expands your market reach and/or revenue.

*The goal here is to create a hands-off/low-touch method to allow prospects the opportunity to Know-Like-Trust you. As we all know, this process takes time and effort. By providing these hands-off/low-touch resources, you will free up your time which will boost revenue because you’ll have more time to focus on the clients who are ready to work with you now!

Examples: Downloadable Information Products (ebooks, special reports, etc.) - Blog - Free Articles – Free Podcasts – Free Videos – Free Information Calls or Webinars.

Idea #2: Stand Out
To get the attention of ideal prospects, you must stand out from the crowd. Everyday information isn’t unique information. You have to show ideal prospects what makes you different from others in your industry. Be willing to share personal and professional experiences - and the lessons you’ve learned from those experiences. You have a unique perspective that separates you from the crowd. When you begin sharing what makes you different, it becomes easier for your ideal prospect to identify you from the rest of the crowd.

Examples: Your unique experience is your Unique Selling Point (USP). You are your greatest USP. Even if you’re selling a corporate product or service, what makes it unique is what you bring to the table because no one else delivers that in the way that only you are able.

Let me share a quick story with you. A real estate agent friend of mine had a client who wanted a specific house in a specific area of town. They agreed on a fair price for the house based on the comps for that house in that area and the agent went to the owners house with a bottle of champagne and said that he just sold his house. The home owner said that his house wasn’t up for sale. The agent then said to the home owner that he had another house for him that he thinks he will really like owning. This whole situation worked out for everyone. Wow. That is being unique and creative which won the business.

Idea #3: Create Low-Touch, High Volume Programs
A common mistake among many entrepreneurs is spending too much time on non-paying prospects and low-end clients. This is you if: you find your schedule is maxed out, and you’re not creating enough revenue. The solution is to create a way to reach low-end clients that does not require a direct exchange of your time or effort. Create free and low-end solutions like the ones mentioned in Tip #1 where you can reach a larger pool of prospects and paying clients without having to work harder.

Go to and sign up for my FREE Silver Membership, so you can take advantage of complimentary online resources and tools such as the Ideal Client Profile exercise tool to help you hone clients to those who are best served by you and you really want to work with.

Examples: Information Products - Virtual Memberships (Information, Videos, Training Calls and Webinars, interviews with other experts who provide value, how to audios, etc.) - Internet Networking Group or Virtual Association - Books

Idea 4: Create High-Touch, Low Volume Programs
Your unique expertise and personal attention are your greatest points of leverage in your business. Some clients don’t want a home-study program, they want personal attention. The unique combination of your personal and professional experiences allows you to bring a unique perspective (and information) to your clients. Leverage it to create a high-end solution that provides individual or small group attention to top-level clients.

Examples: High-End Coaching or Training Programs (in-person and virtual) - Live Events and Seminars - 1 Day Intensives, group coaching (virtual) and training programs.

Idea 5: Honor Your Core Values
If you’re working too hard and still not generating the revenue you desire, you may not be honoring your core values. These core values, when sacrificed, create disharmony, frustration, and struggle in your life and business. Honor your core values and you create flow, ease and success. Know your core values and adjust your business model accordingly. The key here is to learn from other successful entrepreneurs, but put your own spin on it. When you honor your core values you’ll find a magic formula that allows you to work the way it works for you. In turn, your clients will be better served.

Go to and download my complimentary values clarification exercise to help you get clear on exactly what your values really are.

Examples: Let’s say freedom is one of your core values, yet you’re tied to a desk. Perhaps one of your core values is family, yet you need to work long hours to generate the revenue you need to support your family. It’s easy to see how ignoring the values most important to you can be the source of frustration or struggle.

Tip 6: Follow Your Inspiration
Remember, getting more clients doesn’t necessarily mean working harder. When you’re designing ways for more clients to work with you - follow your inspiration. Follow what feels good - what excites you. Be innovative - creative. Keep in mind: Just because it hasn’t been done before doesn’t mean that it can’t be done.

Examples: Get creative. Think outside the box. Ask yourself these questions: If I could work any way I wanted to - what would that look like? How would I spend my day? How many days per week would I work? How would I like to interact with ideal clients? What things are done best during certain times and days to produce the best results? Am I maximizing the time available? Am I leveraging all the resources possible to help me?

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