Doctor Who: 42 To Doomsday

A Doctor Who podcast hosted by Mark and Rob, were we chat about the show, and leave the reviews and DVD commentaries to everyone else!

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42 to Doomsday - Surprise-Cast!

Updated a long time ago.

Episode 78 - After promising never to return Mark and Rob prove themselves to be the dirty liars they are and are indeed back!

In this special ‘reunion’ episode we dust off the mics to discuss the fallout from #macracangate from our previous final episode.

We then 'go there' and ask are our chills multiplying over the imminent return of Doctor Who?

We continue our look at the newsworthy year of 1990 from the lens of DWB. topics discussed include: the Gerry Davis / Terry Nation bid to produce our favourite series, the trauma of the same photo appearing on DWM and TV Zone, the exciting news of the extended Curse of Fenric on VHS and finally, we pore over the results of the DWB reader poll, which to be honest include some bat-sh*t crazy outcomes!

42 to Doomsday will return at Xmas!