The Perfect Squares

Childhood friends Pyro and Quanta (erm... ok apparently we're going with our real names, Jessica and Lizzy) dissect popular culture from a safe distance. Like those kids in school who sat against the wall of the cafeteria to make fun of everyone else. Probably playing pogs or Magic: The Gathering or something.

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Wedding Bells and Dorm Room Hells

Updated a long time ago.

Fall has fallen, winter came and went, and spring is now upon us. Apparently the podcast is now bi-seasonal. Hopefully that'll change, but until then you'd be wise to bide your time with the very exciting Episode 6 of the Perfect Squares Podcast! In this episode Lizzy (@i_am_platypus) and newly-married Jessica (@jessicamerizan) talk annoying post-wedding queries, swap bizarre/terrible roommate stories at listener email request, ponder why higher education always seems to be in dire financial straits, and ask "what exactly the deal is with mustaches, anyway?" Also, squirrel sex and other topics that have hopefully gotten better with age! Excelsior!