The Kedou Kids Pod

The Kedou Kids Pod at brings you a new adventure from our little bear. Travel with Kedou to The Land of Hearts to meet some colourful characters. Build your stage and make character cut-outs to act out the story and unravel riddles and games in Kedou's Magic Playbook!

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Chap 1. Kedou in The Land of Hearts: Whoosh Down the Chimney

Updated a long time ago.

One night, Kedou was just being a little bear looking at the stars, the next moment, he's whisked off to a strange land! Share his exploits with Kedou -- hear the story, build the stage and use the character cut-outs the he has created specially for you and act out each chapter as Kedou's adventure unfolds each month. And oh, don't forget to unravel the mysteries in his Magic Playbook too! The link to use: