Vanessa Hall on Trust and Transformation

Vanessa Hall has been exploring, discovering, learning and teaching about trust around the world for over a decade. She has written award winning books, has spoken on stage alongside women who are changing the world, and has refocused her interest in trust to the role that women must play in restoring balance in politics, government, business, community, family and self, and in raising the next generation of trustworthy leaders. She describes herself as a traveller rather than an expert on trust, and her practical, grounded, honest, raw and compelling stories and insights are what continues to attract people from around the world who know, deep down, that we need to start playing a very different game in a very different way.

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Adaptability versus Dependability

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More and more I am hearing this same challenge amongst women - the skill and natural tendency to adapt to situations, to juggle multiple tasks and step in when and where needed is a great strength, but can become a weakness when women lose their sense of self, and are left appearing unreliable. Vanessa Hall talks about the challenges of Adaptability vs Dependability