Strip Club Stories

Tim Rhodes has worked in strip clubs for 32 years. He's seen some unbelievable things. From drug fueled celebs to paying off mobsters, his life in strip clubs has been the stuff movies are made from. Tim wants to shares his stories but more importantly, he wants to hear YOUR stories. Everyone has a strip club story. Listen to all the things you thought were going on in strip clubs now in this brand new podcast.

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#2 Scores NYC - Celebs, mafia, and murder...

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I worked at Scores NYC in the 90s. It was the most money I ever made. But it also came with a few issues - I would have to pay off the mafia to work there. This strip club story talks about my life at Scores and how the FBI used the owner to bring down 35 mafia defendants. It was big money, extortion, and murder at the most infamous strip club in the history of NYC.