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It's a podcast akin to grabbing coffee with Creative AI researchers. The target audience is people with technical competency. The focus will be on the Creative AI space. Obsessed with consuming the latest Creative AI research, we found ourselves stuck between two types output from the nascent industry: PhD level research or BuzzFeed level simplification. This is our attempt to deliver a hybrid solution that is consumable by people that can comprehend & some day contribute to.

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Weakly Supervised Generative Adversarial Networks for 3D

Updated a long time ago.

Something that we often take for granted as humans is the ability to look an object and have an approximately correct mental model of it’s 3D shape. For example, if you were to see a small image of a steering wheel, you’d probably have a fairly accurate statistical representation of other aspects of the car. You’d have a pretty good guess of where the driver might be, the engine, the four wheels, etc.

However, this intuitive approach for humans is difficult for machines. Therefore, we need to develop techniques to pass this information to machines. The faster / easier it is for us to do so, the more quickly we can leverage this technology and it’s widespread applications.

These researchers are working on improving just that. Their work is taking 2D imagery and generating 3D representations of the object. This is incredible work and I’m super excited to see better / faster ways of inputting 3D data into a world that we’re starting to explore with things like augmented & virtual reality.

Check out their paper here:

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