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Manga Mavericks EP. 132: September 2020 News Roundup

Updated 4 months ago.

On this Manga Mavericks, its once again time for another news roundup, but this time we try something different! Instead of bogging down the episode with a huge slew of licenses that have been announced since the last time news was covered, Colton & Lum decide to each make their own short list of licenses that they're personally looking forward to seeing! Its a slight change in format compared to how the Mavericks normally report on news, but it gives them the time and energy to report on and discuss other more pressing matters like the recent statement from Amimaru regarding their questionable translation wages, the noticeable increase in other countries' need of legal streaming anime after the shut down of pirate site KissAnime and more!! Enjoy.

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00:00 - Intro

04:39 - Updates on Act-Age & a statement from Shiro Usazaki

10:17 - NYT Graphic Books List for August

12:12 - July Bookscan List

16:06 - Viz’s Success according to VP of Publishing

23:17 - New Manga from Akihito Tomi 

24:46 - New Manga from Nico Tanigawa

26:04 - Bone Collection ends

27:35 - Time Paradox Ghost Writer ends

29:14 - Little Miss P ending this October

30:54 - Ooku ends this December

31:57 - Double Taisei & Beast Children volumes now available for digital purchase

33:08 - Robot x Laserbeam digital volumes listed for release on Sept 22nd

35:27 - Manga Plus adds Excuse Me Dentist & Hokkaido Gals

38:48 - Crunchyroll Manga adds Junji Ito’s Cat Diary

39:24 - Licensing Corner! (Colton Edition)

51:39 - Licensing Corner (LumRanmaYasha Edition)

58:45 - SuBLime to release Bad Boys, Happy Home next year

1:02:12 - Harvey Award Nominations

1:03:40 - Amimaru controversy

1:13:27 - Ryoma Kitada’s income breakdown

1:18:41 - Pirate sites KissAnime & KissManga finally shut down

1:24:00 - AT&T looking to sell Crunchyroll to Sony

1:29:53 - Con Cancellation Updates

1:31:11 - Update on Books Kinokuniya Sydney Manga Ban

1:32:49 - Undead Unluck wins Tsugi ni Kuru Manga 2020 Awards

1:37:27 - Hell’s Paradise 2nd Character Popularity Poll

1:40:57 - Black Clover 4th Character Popularity Poll

1:49:48 - Burn the Witch anime to stream on Crunchyroll, "Season 2" of the manga announced

1:53:25 - Crunchyroll is supposedly rejecting diverse pitches because of High Guardian Spice backlash

2:01:34 - Community Shout Outs!

2:16:18 - Wrap Up

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