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Manga Mavericks EP. 85: We Never Learn Q&A Extravaganza!!

Updated about 1 year ago.

Previously on Manga Mavericks, Lum and Colton, along with special guests, Buggy and Hovin, discussed We Never Learn and what they liked or disliked (but mostly liked) about Jump's latest romcom series! And this week's episode, they do even more of that! As Lum gathered We Never Learn-themed questions from all over the internet, so that they could once again hold another study session! We tackle such test questions as who will end up with who by the end of the series? What does the series have going for it compared to other harem romcom series in Jump's past? As well as the most daunting question....who is best girl!?

PODCAST BREAKDOWN: 0:00:00 - Intro/Patreon Announcement !0:14:53 - We Never Learn Q&A's!! 0:15:27 - First Impressions of the Anime 0:30:33 - Twitter Questions 0:59:39 - Discord Questions 1:29:00 - Reddit Questions 2:13:43 - The Most Important Question...!! 2:24:28 - Wrap-up!

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