Don't Tread on Weebs

Do you think Goku's a democrat or republican? Which of the Z-Fighters is most likely to be a Bernard Brother? Do you think Spike Spiegel's "with her?" What IS Vash The Stampede's view on gun control? Listen to Don't Tread on Weebs and find out!

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Ep 9: Akira Part 2 - Tetsuo Did Nothing Wrong

Updated a long time ago.

We finish off our feelings with Akira this week, but not before discussing how the Ginyu Force completely botched the overthrowing of Venezuela.

Did I say Ginyu Force? We meant Silvercorp. Norris has the details, as well as the background behind this clout-chasing, Blackwater for Dummies PMC.

We then dig deep into the primary relationship of Akira, between Tetsuo and Kaneda. Explaining how both characters got to where they are, the obvious effect their atomized, neo-liberal world had on them, how Kaneda exudes big Ohio-Guy energy, and why this ain't Tetsuo's fault.

Shoutout to YUNG BAE for the song "She Said Yes & I Danced In The Snow" used in this episode