Tripping on legends

Let's take a trip. Small town, USA. This is where the pulse of the paranormal resides. There are thousands of stories and experiences out there. Some have been told, and retold hundreds of times, and some are kept hidden, known only by the people that live there; this is where we come in. We're exploring the untold, and breaking down the overly familiar. Journeying through the one stoplight towns and discovering local urban legends, myths, lore, and paranormal episodes. Researching the backgrounds and developing the voices unheard. Our goal is not to capture evidence, but rather to capture the moment and bring our listeners along for the ride. Trip with us - Christopher Balzano, a veteran within the paranormal field, published author, and teacher, with Natalie Crist, a self proclaimed research guru. Keep visiting the site for the trip log of our travels and other urban legends at: Follow us at: Twitter: @SpookyBalzano Instagram: @SpookyTripping

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Episode 101...Is Thanksgiving Haunted?

Tripping on legends


Episode 101...Is Thanksgiving Haunted?

Updated about 1 month ago.

Name a song you associate with Thanksgiving not sung by Adam Sandler. It is the holiday people enjoy, but most of its traditions are internal. We eat similar food, but the story of the holiday is more the story of our own families.

But does the have its own ghost stories? Join Christopher Balzano as he looks at the ABCs of the Thanksgiving haunted legends. Along the way, Tripping on Legends will explore the why and why nots while looking at a few notable stories, including the unusual case of Duffy’s Cut in Pennsylvania.

For a more in-depth look at the Duffy"s Cut story, visit Crystal Ponti's podcast Historium Unearthia

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