Justin's Apartment

Featuring Justin Mallari and Anthony Rivera. This is a podcast about how one guy, Anthony, just shows up whenever to Justin's apartment so they can record their thoughts and speak their mind about pop culture, 80's movies, sports, and the random funny adventures they have. Intro music provided by The Good Lawdz titled "A Lil Sumthin Sumthin'". Podcast artwork altered from a photo provided by Flickr user jk079 via creative commons licensing.

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JA - #17 - Sam's Glad to Beer

Updated a long time ago.

It's that time again. Yay for Thursdays! On this episode, Samantha Pena (http://behance.net/sampena & @_sampena_ on Instagram) stops by the Apartment to hang out with Anthony (@murseant), Justin (@justin_mallari on Twitter; @justinmallari on IG), and special guest host Jason Patrick Galit (http://geeksaywhat.com/). The four discuss horrifying video games, how "fine" is a troubling F-word, and AIM screennames. Intro music is "Jazz is Dead" by Fonkdongo (http://fonkdongo.bandcamp.com) and as always, main theme is "A Lil Sumthin Sumthin" by The Good Lawdz (facebook.com/theGoodLawdz). Enjoy this episode Roommates!