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Ep. 8 - Did You Hear That This One is About Gossip?

Updated a long time ago.

"Bless Her Heart", "I have a prayer request about Phil's divorce", and all the other ways we gossip, even when we think we aren't. Gossip is one of the most dangerous snakes slithering through our churches, tearing about the fellowship of believers.


Special Guests: Hillary Peltz, Megan Oaks, Cara Welborn, & Deidra Coker

Featured Music: "All About Love" by Tara Jackson

Segment 1 - Game Time: We play "5 Second Summaries", where the ladies break up into teams and take turns trying to describe popular Christian movies in 5 seconds.

Segment 2 - Hashtag Party: We share the best tweets from the #GossipFromTheFuture Hashtag Party!

Segment 3 - Back Talk: We dish about gossip and get the latest dirt on how to combat it in our churches and how to keep ourselves from gossiping, too.