T n A Run The World

'T n A Run The World' is a weekly podcast with T & Ali. Tee is New York based photographer, publicist, co creator of GirlBossNYC, and co-manager of the master Sundance Industry Party List. Ali is a Golden Globe nominated (Bobby) and Sundance nominated (Come Early Morning) producer and director from New York. Topics range from sex, dating, film, fashion, music and all things NYC & the rest of the world. Twitter: @tnaruntheworld Instagram: @tnaruntheworld Facebook: @tnaruntheworld Our theme song is called 'Stars' and it's from the awesome Future Generations. They can be found at www.futuregenerationsmusic.com

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T n A Run The World 16

Updated about 1 year ago.

Tee and Ali are back! After a massive break, we are here and ready for y'all! As we prep for Sundance, we go over some preliminary events and our dating lives in 2018. Enjoy, and welcome back to our crazy life.