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We get together every week to talk up the news in gaming, the games we're playing, and basically whatever else might come up. Oh yeah, we drink and rate beer that we don't properly know how to evaluate.

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Ep 387 - A Billion Dollars - 05/17/2021

Updated 4 months ago.

“Tell me another 4K Remaster of the Shepard.”

Come join The HUGE Crew this week as they talk about all the things they did last week! Or go play Mass Effect. It’s out now. Seriously go play it.

Stuff we talk about this week:
Resident Evil 8
New Pokemon Snap
The Garden Between
Halt and Catch fire
And more!

As always keep sending questions to hugecrew@hoppedupeast.com, we love them!

Beer featured this week: Various Church Brewing Beers, Cruising Through The Galaxy by Cameron's Brewing Company, Le TrouDuDiable Hoppy 4 Pack, and Stella Artois by Stella Artois.