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Episode 99.5: Hype!

Updated 11 months ago.

Hello there and welcome to episode 99.5!! An odd number for an episode but necessary. This episode was recorded live on 19th of July. This week we have the full crew of Lewis Pugh, Harrison Milfeld and Colin Crompton.

This episode is called 99.5 because we have a lot of things coming together for episode 100 and we just need a little bit of extra time, but we still wanted to get an episode out.

This episode is all about hype and the pros and cons of hype. We also cover our favourite hyped games and console launches! We even find time for a Bonus Round in this episode!

As always, you can get in touch with us via:
Twitter: @NintendoVoice

Music used for this episode is:
Intro: Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword trailer theme

Outro: Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess trailer theme

Enjoy the show!