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Dr. Andrew Harvey "Tucker and Me: Growing Up a Part-time"

Updated a long time ago.

Host: Mike Mathews

Guest: Dr. Andrew Harvey, author, “Tucker and Me: Growing Up a Part-time Southern Boy”

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Like many boomers, Dr. Harvey's parents divorced early and he lived in a split household, spending the school year in LA with his mother and part of the summer with his father in Tucker. You probably remember the vision that was Southern California in the 1960s and you can be sure that vision was very different than his experience in the South.

In fact, his experience in both places did not quite live up to his dreams of either place.

By the time you finish listening to this interview, you'll want your own copy of “Tucker and Me: Growing Up a Part-time Southern Boy” so you can relive all the characters and experiences Dr. Harvey lived.

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