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Manga Mavericks EP. 92: Caleb Cook Interview

Updated about 1 year ago.

Caleb Cook calls in to the show to share the story of how he became the translator of the most popular manga in North America! Caleb covers his career journey from the beginning, sharing his experiences living in Japan during his time in the JET program, his early translation work for Yen Press and UDON, and finally, the circumstances that led him to become the translator of big Shonen Jump hits like My Hero Academia and Dr. Stone! Plus, we discuss Caleb’s awesome Twitter Threads and Sculptures, and answer a ton of fun Q&As like what Quirk we’d name after a Dr. Stone chapter title and more!


00:22 - Intro & Updates


07:56 - May Bookscan List
12:33 - Gintama has FINALLY ended
20:29 - Food Wars manga moves to Jump Giga, anime gets 4th season
25:55 - New additions to the Shonen Jump Vault: Red Sprite, Hi-Fi Cluster, Love Rush, Stealth Symphony
32:54 - Yen Press licenses Shadow Student Council Vice President Gives Her All & more
35:25 - Comixology adds Mars and You’re a Pet
36:55 - Nisioisin is the 2nd most published translated author in the U.S. in the past decade
40:03 - Awesome Events at Anime Expo
55:40 - The First 12 minutes of Dr. Stone will stream on YT on July 1st
57:50 - Astra Lost premieres July 3rd with 1-hour special

Caleb Cook Interview:

1:02:42 - Introducing Caleb
1:07:37 - Why Caleb Learned Japanese
1:13:43 - Caleb’s Experiences Living in Japan
1:27:29 - How Caleb Started Translating Professionally
1:37:12 - Trivia Threads and Interacting with Fans
1:41:48 - Dr. Stone’s Scientific Accuracy
1:46:04 - Nuances in Translation
2:00:23 - The Challenges of Working on Pre-Existing Properties
2:07:03 - Caleb’s Sculpture Art
2:12:53 - Other Stuff Caleb Would Like to Work On


2:16:00 - “What’s Your Favorite Invention/Science Level-Up That Senku’s Introduced?”
2:19:58 - “Is There a Specific Invention You’re Looking Forward to Seeing?”
2:22:40 - “Have You Read Any Manga by Inagaki Before?”
2:23:42 - “What’s It Like to Speak Casually with Science Consultant Kurare on Twitter?”
2:25:38 - “What’s a Scene That Got You Invested Into Your Favorite Characters?”
2:27:27 - “Create a Quirk Based on a Dr. Stone Chapter Title”
2:30:20 - “How Much Do You Cook?”
2:32:10 - Where You Can Find Caleb on Social Media

2:33:45 - Community Shout-Out: “Why Piccolo is the Black Guy of Dragon Ball” by Quaman

2:37:31 - Wrap-Up

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