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Join host Zack Soto—cartoonist, editor and bin crawler—for In This Issue… a podcast about formative comics reading experiences, with a focus on the single issue format. Every episode of In This Issue... finds Zack and a special guest doing a close reading of a comic book (not a graphic novel!) and havin’ a lively chat about it.

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Dirty Plotte #9 with Jenn Woodall

Updated about 1 year ago.


Dirty Plotte #9 (aka Purty Plotte #9 aka New York Diary chapter 1)
By Julie Doucet
Published 1995 Drawn & Quarterly

Jenn Woodall (Space Trash, Magical Beatdown) joins In This Issue... to discuss the ninth issue of Julie Doucet's seminal alt-comic comic series Dirty Plotte.  Lots of talk about art school, bad romances, skeezy dudes, illustration rates, zine aesthetics, collage, graffiti and more! Tune in next time for another close read with In This Issue...