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Manga Mavericks EP. 140: "MASSIVE & Gay Manga w/Anne Ishii"

Updated 2 months ago.

After our recent retrospective on My Brother's Husband, we were left curious about its creator, Gengoroh Tagame, and the world of gay manga. So we decided to talk to the person who perhaps knows Tagame's work best - Anne Ishii, the translator of My Brother's Husband and ambassador of Tagame's work in the west!

Anne is one of the co-founders of Massive Goods, a publisher dedicated to producing gay manga, apparel, and merchandise, and is the executive director of the Asian Arts Initiative. She has done so much over her career, and we explore the breadth of her translation background and work in manga! She shares her insights on Tagame and the writing of My Brother's Husband, thoughts on the future of gay manga, and reveals some exciting news that may color you surprised! We don't want to show our colors just yet, so listen to the podcast and experience the rainbow of gay manga goodness!

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00:22 - Intro

01:47 - Introducing Anne & the Publication Background of My Brother’s Husband
10:03 - Anne’s Background in Manga
14:12 - Anne’s Experiences as a Manga Translator
17:03 - Anne’s Experiences with Gay Manga and the Origins of Massive
22:42 - Manga Piracy and Reaching Out to Artists
30:00 - The State of Gay Manga & Manga Magazines
34:05 - Dating Apps: The Future of Gay Manga?
38:21 - Massive’s Fashion
42:40 - Representation in Gay Manga
45:37 - The Relationship between BL and Gay Manga
51:52 - The Future of Massive
58:15 - The Origins of My Brother’s Husband
1:05:26 - The Appeal of Gengoroh Tagame’s Erotica
1:10:05 - Was Mike Based on Chris Butcher?
1:12:51 - Translation Insights
1:21:56 - Upcoming Gengoroh Tagame Projects & Announcements from Anne!
1:25:00 - Anne’s Work with the Asian Arts Initiative

1:28:45 - Community Shout-Outs

1:39:11 - Wrap-Up

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