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Finally, a film quiz to sort out which movie podcast knows their Tarantino's from their Rodriguez, their Hughes from their Crowe and so on! We are a podcast where other film/movie podcasts come on to battle it out, 1-on-1, in a knockout style tournament. Who will win? You'll need to listen in to find out!

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S2 E2: Final Girls Horrorcast Vs IMDb Journey

Updated a long time ago.

We're here once more to show just how much/little our wonderful contestants know about the entire reason for their podcasts, Film! This time we've got the magnificent duo of Final Girls Horrorcast & The IMDb Journey Podcast fighting it out to become the next contestant in round 2! So, who will win? Who will be cast aside like yesterday's newspaper? Who honestly just wants everyone to get along?* Anyway, let's get right in and get you guys listening to more quality film quiz entertainment!

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*Not us, since that's boring!