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Manga Mavericks @ Movies #39: I Want to Eat Your Pancreas

Updated 8 months ago.

Manga Mavericks @ Movies returns for the Fall movie season to cover all the new anime theatrical releases like One Piece: Stampede and the upcoming Konosuba movie! But before we can feast on the new, we’ve got to take care of some leftovers first. With I Want to Eat Your Pancreas finally out on blu-ray courtesy of Aniplex, now’s the perfect time to release our podcast we recorded on the film back in February after seeing its limited theatrical run. We actually recorded this episode a day after seeing Hunter x Hunter: The Last Mission, despite the eight month gap between releasing that and this. But man, what a whiplash in quality those two films were!

It feels like mysterious forces have tried to both force us not to see the movie and then prevent us from releasing this podcast to the public, but just like with “The Ghibli Conspiracy,” we would not be deterred! We discuss the strengths and weaknesses of its aesthetics its themes of living life to its fullest, and how it differs from the live-action film! Does the film stack up to the likes of modern anime movie masterpieces like Your Name and A Silent Voice? Do we find the film’s perspective on life sophisticated or juvenile? Will LumRanmaYasha ever stop getting the name of the film wrong? Do I want to eat your pancreas? Listen to find out the answer to all these questions and more!

Podcast Breakdown:
00:30 - Intro and Updates
03:32 - I Want to Eat Your Pancreas review
1:01:32 - Wrap-Up

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Music Featured:

The Boston Pops Orchestra - “Hooray for Hollywood”
Sumika - “Fanfare”
Sumika - “Shunkashuto (The Four Seasons)”