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KWR # 202 The Pickled Soda Acid Test

Updated 8 months ago.

Its a generation clash between father, Shaun Feldbush and daughter, Amber Nicole as introduce SILLY HUMAN TRICKS and make her drink the pickled soda on air to the tune of Front Line Assembly, Hot Pink Satan, German punk rockers WUX, but first a PIGFACE "Chickasaw" preemptive strike before our upcoming Martin Atkins interview! Horror movies reviewed: The 27 Club (Starring Todd Rundgren), The Unseen is a new take on the Invisible Man, and the new version of SUSPIRIA, A.K.A. Manos the Hands of Fate. #Pigface #MartinAtkins #WUX #yardpanther #TheUnseen #The27Club @marteeeen @F7A