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Ep. 3: The Gospel According to Superheroes

Updated a long time ago.

With the never ending stream of comic book movies coming out, the dozens of dozens of comic books still churning out each Wednesday, and Netflix & the CW pulling out some of the greatest comic-based TV shows of all time, it seems that superhero stories are woven into our lives more than ever before. Today, we look... up in the sky!


Special Guests: John Birkey & Hillary Peltz

Featured Music: "On Fire" by Constant Halo

Segment 1: Game Time - We play "The Christian Whisper Challenge" to see who is the best lip-reader of the bunch. (This game is NOT for The Back Rowphy.)

Segment 2: Hashtag Party - We took to Twitter to read some of your best #SuperheroesGoChristian story ideas and tell you how much we want to see them.

Segment 3: Back Chat - We discuss superheroes of faith and the impact comics, comic book movies, and comic book TV shows have on Christian culture.