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The David Spoon Experience Part 1 6-22-2022

Updated about 1 month ago.

TOP SHOW: This 30-minutes is all about: A) My God, My God. The last thing that Jesus said. Is this the moment where God looked away? Well, maybe. But not absolutely. Did God look away from Jesus because of the sin placed on Him? Did God look away because of the pain? Or did God ever look away? B) Why might that look away be wrong? Two solid reasons. Jesus may have simply quoted the Psalm to show His connection to this Psalm. It is the messianic Psalm, after all. C) Here is another reason why this might not be a “looking away” moment. Verse 24: For He has not despised or scorned, the suffering of the afflicted one; He has not hidden His face from Him, but has listened to His cry for help. Have we ever felt like this? I wonder why?