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A show about the nerdy things in life without going into too much of a tangent (well maybe sometimes). Vince Mostajo stays on topic as much as he can, and he infuses a little bit of knowledge and comedy to blend in as well. Parental discretion advised, or if you're a parent who doesn't care, then shame on you (but tell your friends though). Have a nice day!

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KIN presents Keep it Weekly - Issue #24

Updated a long time ago.

Back again to discuss Nerd News from the week of April 29th. Vince (@vmostajo09) & Jeremiah (@xjdempseyx). After a brief stint in the quantum realm the guys talk about catch up in these items

- RIP Peter Mayhew
- John Cena to be in the next Fast & Furious
- Sonic the Hedgehog trailer release
- Game of Thrones Fantasy Draft and Recap of
Episodes 2,3 & 4

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- Reyna Mostajo & Anthony Rivera for the promos
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