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A show about the nerdy things in life without going into too much of a tangent (well maybe sometimes). Vince Mostajo stays on topic as much as he can, and he infuses a little bit of knowledge and comedy to blend in as well. Parental discretion advised, or if you're a parent who doesn't care, then shame on you (but tell your friends though). Have a nice day!

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KIN Ep 30 Nightmare on Nerd Street Halloween Spooktacular

Updated about 20 days ago.

Happy Halloween everyone!! The treacherous trio of Vince (@vmostajo09), Anthony (@murseant) & Jeremiah (@xjdempseyx) walk down to the corner of Elm street and Memory Lane as they discuss scary movies, trick or treating as kids and the Simpsons Treehouse of Terror.

Special Thanks:
- Reyna Mostajo for the promos
- Gameboy Jones & Caliberbeats for the the
official song of 'Keeping It Nerd' heard on this
and almost every episode of this very fine
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