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Keeping It Nerd # 36 - The Aquaman Movie Review

Updated about 2 days ago.

Found in the lost city of Atlantis is this episode of Vince (@vmostajo09) & Nikko (@neeqo.suave) discussing if the latest DC movie "Aquaman" sank or swam. They dive (no pun intended or is it?) into the depths of the DCEU or Worlds of DC, whatever they are calling it now, fifth movie. They ask the hard hitting questions like

-Who he hell dressed these people?

-When will Willem Dafoe turn heel in this movie?

-If Black Manta was a white guy would they just call him Manta?"

All that and more in the episode. Also follow along and see how many times Vince comments on Jason Momoa, a man crush is a blooming.

Special Thanks to:

- Reyna Mostajo & Anthony Rivera for the promos

- Gameboy Jones & Caliberbeats for the official song of 'Keeping It Nerd' heard on this

and almost every episode of this very fine podcast.(@gameboyjones on instagram &

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