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Are you tired of stupid critics telling what you should and shouldn't watch? Listen to two regular guys named CraigMakk & Serious Jest who ramble on about their favorite movies, TV shows, and gaming, all while they have a few beers and maybe even make you laugh! Strap in, grab a beer, and welcome to "Live from the ManCave!!!

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Live from the MCU!!! Episode Seven: Round One to Infinity

Updated 10 months ago.

Welcome back to "Live from the MCU!!!" Yes, it's been a while. Blame COVID, blame the holidays, but most of all, blame CraigMakk. It's what real men like Serious Jest do anyway.

In this episode, the guys take you on a wild ride to try and take down the Guardians of the Galaxy. And if you've been following along with the show so far, you probably already know how this is going to end up. That doesn't make it any easier for GameMaster Jim Sardonic, who has to try to keep these guys in check. But things will truly go off the rails once the new toxins come into play, that's for sure.

ManCave Trivia Time: Do you know what the first ManCave-distributed beer will be called (if it ever happens)? Or how to calculate the diameter of a constantly shifting building? Or the ultimate weakness of Drax the Destroyer? Two of the three of those questions might be answered in this episode! So strap in, grab yourself a beer, and welcome back to "Live from the MCU!!!" Because no matter what else happens, these two CERTAINLY aren't the supervillains you're looking for, Obi-Wan.